6 thoughts on “New Music In 2014

  1. Rafael…I think I just saw you kill it on American Idol tonight. Are you playing with Ricky Minor until the end of the season? Anyway, you were unbelievable on Dazed and Confused. I was so pissed that Ricky took all the credit.

    I’ve loved you since your days on Rock Star. I hope you are happy, healthy and loving life!

    All good things,

    1. Hey Julie thank you so much, i was there for the “i’m with the band” theme. Regarding the Ricky thing, it’s all good plus i don’t have control over that. Thanks again for stopping by here!

  2. Hi Raphael
    are you the one that played for Caleb on “Still of the Night” last night on Idol? I’ve been trying to google the name to find out who. If so, the sound and style was so cool. I would like to find more stuff that you have done along these lines. maybe some solo stuff.
    Gotta get that name out there some how. Amazing talent. Make it look easy and fun.

    1. Hey Steve you’re correct, that was me playing Whitesnake with Caleb on American Idol. Thanks for writing, i do have a solo Album called “Acid Guitar”, it’s fusion/rock with a Brazilian flair and an album with my band Magnetico called “Songs About The World” where i sing lead vocals and play guitar. I also did a DVD with Paul Stanley (Kiss) called “One Live Kiss” and i made the cover of Guitar Player Magazine online in 2009! Make sure you download the free Magnetico track “My World Is Going Down” here on the website.

      Take care


  3. im a huge fan, your playing has really inspired me, even purchased a bogner shiva because watching you play got me into those amps. just wondering what setting you normal have on your amps. bass, mid, treb, presence etc….
    absolutely love your tone, its very unique and inspiring.

    1. Hey Michael thank you for the email, i really appreciate it!

      I have the old Shiva and i tend to crank the gain and bass all the way. Mid past 12 (like 1 or 2 pm), treble and presence around 2 or 3pm.

      Hope this helps!

      Make sure you download the Magnetico free track “My World Is Going Down”.

      Take care


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