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Hello Fans and Friends, I was a guest Guitarist on American Idol this week for the “I’m With The Band” Theme, basically “Rock Week”! I had a good time performing with the band and the contestants, we played tunes like Fleewood Mac’s “Rhiannon” and Led Zeppelin’s “Dazed And Confused”. It was also fun because i used to work at the same Televison Studio while shooting The TV Shows Rockstar INXS and Supernova, back in 2005/2006. It was good  seeing some familiar faces which brought back good memories.  More to come…


10 thoughts on “Rafael Moreira on American Idol!

  1. Hey Rafa,

    I only watched it because you were going to be on it and once again you knocked it out of the park. I love your playing, your note selection and phrasing on solos and passages is just unreal. I’d love to know what goes through your mind when you’re jamming on a tune and want to throw in a lick if there is a certain mode you like or go by shapes on the fretboard. Do you offer video lessons through Skype or something?

  2. My husband and I are huge fans we bought the DVD for Rockstar Inxs but can’t find anything for Supernova is there anything available we loved the house band and would have paid to see you 10x over Supernova

    1. Hey Stephanie thank you! Unfortunately, i don’t know of any available music for Supernova. But if you’d like to listen to my music, I have two CD’s on sale here on my website. My first solo CD titled “Acid Guitar” and my first CD with my Rock trio Magnetico titled “Songs About The World”, Let me know what you think. Plus you can download a free Magnetico track here on the website called “My World Is Going Down”!

      Take care


  3. Hi Rafael!

    I am a huge fan of both the Rockstar series & instantly recognised you when you guest-starred on American Idol Season 13.

    Just wanted to ask: don’t you think the contestants on Rockstar Supernova were far more interesting than the AI contestants? I do enjoy both shows, just that Rockstar was so rocking good! (Was Jill’s rendition of “Bring Me To Life” the inspiration for Jena’s?)

    Any insider info on whether the Rockstar series will be resuscitated?

    Keep on entertaining, Rafael! :Þ

    1. Thank you HZ! It’s hard to compare Idol and Rockstar, Idol is not as wild and dangerous and i don’t think Jena (17 years old) even remembers the Rockstar TV show or any of the contestants. Out of any other Show i’ve played on, I did enjoy Rockstar the best!! But I have no idea if the Rockstar TV show will ever comeback and if it does if i’ll be in it. Thanks again! Rafael

  4. Hi Rafael
    I live in South Africa and I have been a fan of your playing since the Rockstar days. I actually met Dilana couple of months ago as she came back home for a couple of shows. I havent been following to much Idols lately but I happened to see the episode where you played Still of the night with Caleb. Dude your tone and playing was insane. Absolutely love your playing! Regards Johan

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