Hey Fans, Friends and Enemies…

Sadly for my enemies i have made another year of life on this planet. I survived working on NBC’s “The Voice” for two seasons, which took me completely away from my music, guitar playing, life and almost drove me nuts. But it was another great musical experience… Learning about 20 songs a day, with barely a day off, transcribing signature guitar parts of classic songs all night, so a 15 year old toddler singer from Seattle (I’m just joking here, he/she was from Portland or maybe Puerto Rico?) can change everything the next day… “Hey guys can we try to do a… maybe a singer/songwriter sort of version of “We’re The Champions?”,  don’t get me wrong, sometimes it can be really cool, but sometimes it isn’t lol!! Usually that means that the band will have to toss away most of what was learned and put on a ton of (more) work to make it good, which is the case for most of the time. As i said earlier, It was an another great experience and I am thankful!

I left the show early June and went to Brazil to be with my father in the hospital for two months, it wasn’t an easy task but the good news is that he has recovered and that is what matters. Soon after that i came back to the US and upon my return i was invited to perform at the 2013 Copa Libertadores Soccer Final in Brazil for 65K fans, it was my biggest audience yet and despite having played for larger audiences with other artists, this one was special. Soon after that I got a call to Record with Shakira in Barcelona, Spain. It was definitely a fun time, i was there for 10 days and recorded 3 songs for her new album, by the way Shakira is a sweet heart. Now if those songs will make to her new album that’s a different story, that’s why i don’t gamble. Loved the Dali and Picasso Museums!

I spent the end of the year with my family in Brazil and have shifted my focus to finishing the new Magnetico record.

Goodbye 2013 and thank you life for all the ups and downs!!


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